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Process Services

The processing industry demands specialized nitrogen services in order to optimize plant and pipeline operations, reduce shutdown times and save costs. WSG Industrial Services is providing a broad range of services that ensure a high operation quality during the whole life cycle of a process plant.

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Pipeline Services

Maintenance, support and inspection are becoming more and more important to extend the life cycle of the pipelines. Pipelines always involve work to be executed under the most difficult circumstances due to the lay out, location, age, and variations and non-pig ability. It is vital that pipelines are tested upon strength, are leak tight and cleaned and inspected regularly to secure the pipeline integrity. 

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LNG Services

WSG engineers fully understand the unique challenges imposed by the cryogenic nature of the LNG industry. We have an experienced team of specialists who have successfully engineered the commissioning and cool-down on some of the largest LNG installations across Europe. Our early involvement through construction and into start-up has enabled us to tailor our service offerings to improve safety, efficiency and quality during the complete project.

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Boltworking Services

The importance of planning the joint assembly, preparation of all components, procedures, tooling and ensuring application of the correct methodology is essential.

The principle of a bolted joint is based on the induced bolt load delivering sufficient joint compression and gasket seating stress to withstand maximum service pressure and forces. This is when the bolting is under tensile load. A minimum level of operational gasket seating stress must be maintained throughout joint service, therefore the design bolt load/compression target on installation should allow for creep, relaxation, uncertainty over service loadings and the tolerances of components and tools used.

This load can be applied by various different methods but there are certain constants that must always be in place to ensure a leak free joint.

  • Preparation – The sealing faces must be clean and free from serious damage. The bolting must be prepared correctly (lubrication if torqueing, thread protrusion if bolt tensioning).
  • Equipment – Should be fit for purpose and have valid calibration certification.
  • Personnel – All personnel engaged in the tightening of bolted connections should be trained in the equipment being used and have the appropriate qualifications.

Here at WSG Industrial Services with our fully trained/highly motivated staff, quality tooling and procedures born out of experience aim to eliminate the worry associated with all of this. All of our Bolting Technicians have full ECITB accreditation, CCNSG (Contractor Safety Passport), OPITO UK Offshore Survival & Medicals.

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WSG Industrial Services

WSG Industrial Services