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PNS was awarded the contract by the pipeline operator in July 2013, because PNS offered the most complete & practical design of the temporary system required to complete the cleaning of the pipeline, prior to ILI. The onsite work started in October 2013.

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Our approach

What initially started off as a support service (gas filtration), soon took on a life of its own, and became a full fledged debris handling project; involving the complete cleaning of a 10” x 19 km main gas line from the FPSO Espoir Ivoirien to the Adjue onshore receiving terminal.

The pipeline was suspected to be contaminated with FeS, due to quantities of FeS found at the onshore receiving terminal filters.
The cleaning process was further complicated by the presence of condensate volatiles and TEG.
The system proposed by PNS consisted of a HP liquid-gas separation system, which allowed the gas flow to continue unhindered (thus saving $$ for the client), while ensuring that the debris/sludge was contained within the PNS proposed system.

A complete cleaning program was also proposed, including gauging, to cater for the removal of debris before ILI could commence.

The entire gas flow (≈25-30MMSCFD) was re-routed, using 6” HP temporary chicksan pipework, into PNS’ HP Separator. While the debris/sludge collected was transferred into an LP tank, the gas flow resumed unhindered into the downstream process.

As a result of this, zero production loss was encountered, and the client was absolutely satisfied.

The entire cleaning project was completed successfully, earlier than the agreed time frame, to the delight of the client.

Solutions used