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A new LNG plant, nearing completion with scheduled “start up” for 2013, required two pipe lines 28” diameter, 6 km and 10 km long to be inspected using intelligent PIGS.

Project duration

0 Days


0 man


0 bar

In cooperation with a specialist inspection company WSG Industrial Services Asia Pacific controlled the intelligent pigs traverse speed through the pipe line by utilizing nitrogen and pressurizing both sides of the pig train. Both 360k and 180k pumping units were utilized in this undertaking with a team of 6 men.

Initial pigging in the form of gauging was performed to ensure both lines were free of debris and obstructions. Lines were then intelligent pigged after pressurizing them up to 25 bars. Average speed was controlled between 0.3 – 0.4 meters per second throughout the 6 km and 10 kames lines.

Project was completed to the satisfaction of all parties within 6 days.

Solutions used