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From Oil-wells to Brine-wells our well intervention Engineering Team supports our valued customers with enhanced well recovery or additional stimulation support, Engineering backup, job modelling, real time pipe fatigue monitoring, data and well profile engineering, data acquisition including well and operating parameters and live time data streaming.

Coil Services on a regular basis provide support to all of the commonly used applications for Coiled Tubing – including Well Cleaning and Gas lifting, Enhanced and Matrix Stimulation, Production Logging for production optimization, High pressure Jetting and Squeezing, Plug Setting for zonal isolation, Water Control, Velocity and Parasite production strings, Abrasive Perforating to open un-drained production zones, Tubing Cutting using abrasive Jetting tools, Under Balanced Drilling , Ultra Heavy Duty Fishing Services and Coiled Tubing Thru tubing tools.

Slickline providing standard Wire-line well-bore intervention solutions, providing Capillary Coiled Tubing deployment, Capillary Radial Drilling and Flat-Pak Services – being our combined efforts for services in depleted formations, liquid loading (and unloading), artificial lifting, micro coiled tubing, reverse circulation possibilities (without jeopardizing well integrity and injection), gas lifting and tool application all possible during the same run.

PNS is offering related services for the mid & downstream market; pre-commissioning and shutdown services, joint integrity services, pipeline services, chemical cleaning and nitrogen related services, helium leak testing including internal cleaning of furnaces and reactor cool downs.

We believe that it is our job to deliver innovation and find better, quicker and more cost effective solutions for our customers. 

Klaus Harm
Bediening van onze apparatuur

Bediening van onze apparatuur

We operate a fleet of equipment that is second to none in Europe, most of it is under 5 years old and ultra-reliable and perhaps most importantly “we are proud of it”

We believe that it is our job to deliver innovation and find better, quicker and more cost effective solutions for our customers. We build relationships with our customers, not contracts, and we believe that only through really understanding each other we can truly add value to each other’s business.