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Dear business partner,

2012 was a challenging year for PNS. It was marked by a large amount of different projects for our customers in refineries, chemical plants, gas plants and pipeline construction companies as well as positive company developments.

Further investments were made, new business fields with focus on LNG and offshore services have been established in the market. Today we are in a very stable position as part of the Well Service Group, service fields complement one another ideally.

PNS is your reliable service provider for more than 7 years now! You can expect honest high-performance services. We are concentrating on those services, where we have expertise, in order to do a really good job for you – with our own staff and our own equipment.

All Equipment is ours, so we always know what we are using! All machines and components comply with state of the art technologies; they are no older than 5 years and designed for onshore and offshore use.

Our new website is reflecting our capabilities and the positive company development in recent years. Take a look and get in contact with us. We look forward to your feedback and inquiries.