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Horst Uchtmann stands for WSG Industrial Services in Germany

On board since the very beginning, Horst Uchtmann has developed the German market for PNS Nitrogen Services for more than seven years.

From his base in Vechta Horst Uchtmann is active in the field of process, pipeline and plant services in Germany and, for example, carries out leak tests in compressor stations all over Germany. “It’s amazing to see, how many pipelines and plants have been built the last 5 years”, says Horst, who is professionally active since decades and doesn’t even think about retirement.

“From 2014 onwards I will concentrate on sales and reduce my time with operations, but the operational part of the job is the part I like the best and will always keep my interest!” 35 years ago, Horst, who at that time followed a career as a specialised master automotive mechanic in Bremen, moved to Vechta because of love. Two years after that move he quit his job in the automotive branch to start a career in the international oil business, a field to which he remained true ever since. After a short while in the day to day job as a specialised mechanic at the Nowsco base in Vechta, Horst was eager to see and learn what was done with the machinery that he maintained and serviced in the workshop. However, he made a request to go out with the project teams who did the jobs in the field. This request was the beginning of a very long career in the oilfield service industry and a vast number of projects all over Europe and in Asia. Professionally Horst moved forward quite fast, from service operator he became a supervisor in a very short time He stayed with the company for 18 years, but the last 4 years, after a request from the management, he started to work as technical sales manager in Germany.

With his extensive technical and operational knowledge and experience Horst developed the business in Germany. Over the years he became less involved in the operational work, a thing Horst regretted since he loves the field work. When the company decided to merge 2 operational bases into one, the Vechta base was selected as the one to be closed down. Horst decided to leave the company and start to develop the same business for the German company Hambeck near his home base.

After a very successful business period Horst decided to leave this business behind and start something really new. A short experience as branch manager in the personal leasing branch followed, but it didn’t last too long.  When in 2006 the PNS Services BV start-up asked him to develop the business in Germany, he did not hesitate long to accept this pioneering work. The mixture between sales and operations was exactly what Horst desired and this is still the case today. “I love to go out in the field because the best contacts can be forged there; office work is not really my thing!” When asked about the changes during the recent years, he responded with enthusiasm: “At PNS I always get to work with good equipment, well trained and experienced operators and supervisors and a well-organized team at the base. I also appreciate the cooperation with all of my colleagues and the management. And what does Horst Uchtman in his time off? “Whenever I have time, I love to drive my home-built Honda Cruiser F6 through the German countryside. I love my country, it is very beautiful and has many facades so there is always something new to discover.” Horst is very fortunate because he can share his hobby with his wife; she is also a fervent motorcyclist.. 

For further detailed information please contact
Mr. Horst Uchtmann +49 (0) 170 2717445