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Breakthrough in Thailand

Together with a cooperation partner in Thailand, PNS AP has been trying very hard to break into this market which has proved quite difficult with no previous project reference in this country. Having now completed this successful operation for an important and major client, this was the breakthrough required.

The works were executed during the end of August and beginning of September and consisted of Nitrogen purging operations during shutdown works on the PTT Global Chemical plant.

Nitrogen purging was carried out using PNS AP 360K Pump Unit with Linde Thailand supplying ISO tanks positioned at site for pumping purposes together with road tankers for deliveries. 

Original scope of works was for cycle purging with an initial pressurisation for leak test purpose of three different systems, each comprising of a large volume vessel/reactor and off-take pipework. Following efficient progress this scope then extended to double that, as six systems were worked on, with the same scope in each case.

Final Dew Point requirement during purging was also set at -60°C, and following Leak Test pressurisation with on average a further two to three cycle purges this was comfortably achieved.

Working together as a very good team with Linde Thailand the project went without any safety concerns or any delays on the side of PNS AP, with the complete workforce and equipment being praised for a very professional job.
The End Client was most happy to have identified any leakage during pressurization with Nitrogen as this would have proved so costly if not found until start up with product, and with that, pressurization times of large systems was identified as being impressive.